Hello guys, here we are again to talk about a new tool I discovered few times ago about preparing your trip abroad !

Le Coût de l’Expat

This website called “Le Coût de l’Expat” has been created by a French bank company called Banque Populaire. It helps you preparing your trip abroad in case you need to expatriate yourself for your studies or your future work position.

It compares countries according to several characteristics :

  • Daily life price
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Taxes
  • Health Care
  • Bar-Restaurants
  • Leisure
  • French products price (obviously it is a French website)

You only need to select the city you are from and the city you are going to and it will give you all information you need ! So useful !


if you choose to compare Paris and New-York about fast-food menu, the website compare the prices in both cities : A fast-food menu in Paris costs 8.00€ ($8.80) and the same menu in New-York costs 7.27€ ($8.00). It also gives you the percentage of difference. In this case it is 9.10% cheaper in New-York than in Paris.


Also with the partnership they implemented with FlyingYak, you can create your profile, determining your interests and budget and from these information navigate on the virtual and interactive map giving you information about cities that fit with your expectations and needs. Your profile will also give you the opportunity to meet and chat with people from the community living in the city you are interested in. It is a good way to exchange, meet people and gather useful and more personnalized information about your future trip.

FlyingYak also compares cities according to several important characteristics as food, life style or housing as Le Cout de l’Expat does but in English. Indeed I didn’t really mention that Le Coût de l’Expat is a French website and that it is only available in French, however thanks to FlyingYak, this website give the opportunity to the foreigners to enjoy its services in English through this partnership.

Obviously, as it has been created by a bank, you can find information about the banking offers from the Banque Populaire, that also can be useful for foreigners who need to open a new bank account when coming to live in France.

As a French girl who love travelling, I found this website very useful and attrative and I  strongly recommand it.

Here is the link : Le Coût de L’Expat

I hope you like my article and I am looking forward to meet you on the FlyingYak community

See you soon lads !!

Hélène !