Summer tour in USA 

VIew over Park City UT 2016

I spent 3 amazing months in USA during last summer. Technically I was in internship for a company called KOAN INC localize in ParkCity UTAH. But I did also a little trip through USA, it was sometimes very different from my green Normandy and sometimes almost the same.

Historic Washington D.C…

The city drew by the French architect L’Enfant and inspire by the cities of Paris and London, is the head office of the federal government. But the city host also some of the most popular museums through the country

The White House D.C 2016
The Mall D.C 2016

I spent 2 weeks in Washington D.C and like in France people where very talkative about themselves about life, politics, economics. This is probably because the city have a strong and ancient link with french culture.

Many people I met were able to give me historical references about relationships between France and the young American nation. I’ve been with a friend who absolutely want me to discover true American food and beer. So he tooks me to different places restaurants bars pubs… I was in shock when I discovered the amount of food per portion. Our plates where full of different colors and scents. But after the first bite, I realized that it’s more about the quantity than the quality. The main difference was for me the service. Indeed the waiters who were in charge of our table where very kind and helpful and he did some good jokes. Seriously I prefer this system than our’s, because if the waiter want to have « the tips » he have to do a great job and be helpful with his customers. It’s not the same thing in France…about the beer, I think that it will be better to don’t express myself about this topic…

Windy City…Bulls…Deep-dish-pizza…

Chicago Skyline July 2016
The Bean Chicago July 2016
Down town Subway Chicago IL 2016

After this stop in DC, the next one have been in the beautiful city of Chicago. It’s really an other atmosphere there, for me this city represent so much things… Come on !!! Chicago…
Very nice place much more bigger than DC, a different landscape with skyscrapers and Lake Michigan. People also where different, they were less serious and less European than in DC. It was more unfamiliar for me, I arrived nearly July 4th which is like our July 14th in France, but there, you so much more feel the patriotism of people particularly this day. But even during the rest of year, I could see everywhere houses with the American flag, and when i asked people about their proud for their country, they have been more open minded than I thought
They easily say that their government made mistakes regarding the war in irak and other stuff but they still believe in the future. That was also a cultural chocking thing for me, they are so optimists for future at the opposite of many french.

The Wyoming or on the trail of Mormon pioneers…

My next stop before to come back in Utah was the wide state of  Wyoming!!! I was in touch with Mormon family who offered me a little 3 days treck in the middle of Wyoming desert. The particular aspect of this family was a group of 300 people were divide in family with a Pa and a Ma ( one dad, one mum) with 7 or 8 teens between the age of 12 to 18 years and me as Uncle JB… We were dressed like at the time of cow-boys. The point of this was to teach to the Mormons teens, the way their ancestor emigrated through the desert to reach Salt Lake City because of the persecutions they suffered in Michigan. This 3 days treck were very exhausted we had to pull heavy carts during 55km and camp in the desert in the middle of nowhere. For me it was a good opportunity to exchange with the next generation about their feeling on many topics, they were also open minded as adults but, it’s true sometimes i was lost between their contradictions about politics and economics issues. But anyway it was a great experience for me.

Back to Utah…

Zion National Park UT 2016

That’s the kind of place i can call my home… if you passionate by the mountains, rivers, waterfalls probably one of the wildest state of the USA. The family who welcomed me was so sweet and helpful. They advised me for many little trips through Utah, From Zion National Park to Moab…

This experience was realy incredible, I hope you guys can enjoy this a day in your life.