Hey guys!
This is my second article for this website, and today we will talk about a new tool me and the team discovered. I know that in this section we talk about very useful stuff, like expatriation cost or understand a bit more one given culture. But sometimes it is necessary to talk about something a bit less serious. I think all of us have at least once wonder what was the true size of something. We are not machines, and we don’t have calculators in our eyes. It is sometimes very difficult for us to estimate distance, weight or size. And it turns to be quite difficult when we talk about countries. How can you estimate the size of something way bigger than yourself?

This question is answered by thetruesize.com

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This website is the answer to the question that really matters: how big is my country? Really easy to handle, this website allow you to select a country, and you can move the country all over the map to understand the size of the country.

As you will see once you visit the website, the map is a planisphere, which as every expert in geography will tell you, does not entirely represent reality. For example, Canada and Russia appear much bigger on a planisphere than on a globe. But do not worry, thetruesize.com is taking this into account.

But, will you tell me, why is this website worth a look? This feature seems quite useless right? And more importantly why do our blog talk about it? I am not going to lie, this website, very well made by the way, will not change your life. This is not and will never be the tool we are going to sell you the most. We have discovered others and will always discover new things much more helpful.

But this enters in the category of things you will talk about around you, show to others. It is like the bunch of apps you don’t use in your phone, but you can’t delete them, “because I might need it”. It is the kind of website you will spend 20 minutes on, trying to move every country. You don’t know why you are doing this, but you do it anyway, because it’s fun, because you are bored, because it’s well made, … Whatever the reason, you will check it out! Actually, do you need a reason?


Louis Robin